Community, Civic, Religious And Faith-Based Organizations:

Gaming funds support community centers, social initiatives, religious institutions, and faith-based organizations, fostering engagement, growth, and vital services in our communities.

Supporting young adults transitioning out of foster care

Pelletier Youth in Transition is an organization that supports young adults as they transition out of foster care and navigate mental health, education, and financial challenges.

They’ve helped countless young adults just like Sam, who joined Pelletier when he left foster care and didn’t have the consistency in relationships or emotional support they needed to thrive. Whether it’s talking about their anxiety, school, or family, Sam is navigating it with the support of Pelletier.

Sam credits Pelletier’s support, positivity, and patience on helping him focus on his goals. This service helps countless youth with little or no access to a support system to transition into adulthood and overcome obstacles along the way.

This program has been made possible in part thanks to Charitable Gaming, Community Good funding.

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