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Going the extra mile to help an individual in need

St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church in Cambridge is a religious institution serving the community. It includes services such as marriages, baptisms/christenings, funerals, regular Sunday services, 20 other special services throughout the liturgical calendar, memorial services for the departed, counseling and mentoring, Sunday School, and support for the community foodbank.

St. Mary’s church priest, Father Goce always goes the extra mile to help people in need. For example, Monika, a young 15-year-old, had a life threatening and debilitating back condition. Following recommendations by Monika’s doctors, her parents agreed to a complete spinal fusion. In January 2019 Monika was admitted to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal for this very risky operation. Father Goce travelled to Montreal to be close to Monika and her parents in their hour of need. Father Goce’s presence radiated strength, friendship, positivity, and warm spirituality. Monika was especially grateful to Father Goce for being there during those difficult days. St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church is grateful to Charitable Gaming because the proceeds helped fund Father Goce’s travel expenses.

This program has been made possible in part thanks to Charitable Gaming, Community Good funding

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