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Charitable Gaming Centres are an integral part of Charitable Gaming and make our efforts possible. These are the places that offer social gaming entertainment while raising funds for local charities. These 37 centres are independently owned and uniquely named commercial locations across Ontario.

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The Experience

Charitable Gaming Centres are relaxing environments where you can gather with friends and make new ones. They host regular games, promotions and offer food and drinks on site, making them an ideal community meeting place.

The Games

While bingo remains a gaming centre staple, the games offered have come a long way. All centres now offer traditional paper and electronic bingo, as well as a variety of electronic games.

The Community

You can have fun at a Charitable Gaming Centre while also giving back to your community. When you play, a portion of proceeds goes directly to supporting local charities and non-profits. Plus, charity volunteers are on-site to directly support their charity and connect with members of the community.

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