Health and Social Services

Funds support organizations that provide essential health and social services, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the care they need.

Improving quality of life for seniors, even with new restrictions

The Seniors Association Kingston Region provides programs and services to enhance the quality of life for seniors. In order to continue during COVID-19, they had to adapt to meet the restrictions but were committed to continue adding to their members’ enjoyment of life. To start, they moved many of their classes online.

One of the biggest challenges was in their food services department. Previously, seniors were able to go in and enjoy a healthy meal. To ensure their members continued to have access to freshly cooked meals that still meet their dietary needs, a new meal option was introduced: ’Hatters Platters’. A week of fresh, healthy meals that members can pick up and enjoy at home. Plus, with 24 hours’ notice, they can also provide meals based on individual needs.

Thanks to smart thinking and invaluable funding, they were able to ensure that seniors in the Kingston region got the support they needed to stay connected and well-fed.

This program has been made possible in part thanks to Charitable Gaming, Community Good funding.

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