Education and Youth:

Educational programs and youth organizations benefit from the support of Charitable Gaming, enabling them to offer more resources and opportunities.

Bringing community online for those with Down Syndrome

The Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough provides invaluable educational services to its members and, with no government funding, it relies on every dollar raised to make this possible. Unfortunately, this last year has dramatically reduced their ability to raise funds. Thanks to their local charitable gaming centre, they have been able to continue supporting their members with meaningful opportunities to be involved in their community, even when they can’t leave the house.

This year, these funds have helped the association offer education programming and events like online yoga, virtual parties and friendship groups. The Biz Group, which supports adult members of the community who seek meaningful engagement for their days. Most importantly, these programs have helped to show their members that they have not been forgotten.

This program has been made possible in part thanks to Charitable Gaming, Community Good funding.

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