Charitable Gaming

a unique fundraising opportunity


Charitable Gaming (cGaming) is a partnership between OLG, private sector operators, municipalities and charitable organization in Ontario. It aims to provide stable, consistent and direct fundraising opportunities for organizations who service communities across the province.

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Intent to Join Our Charities


Including after school programs and daycare


Organizations that are interested in participating in this initiative must apply for eligibility from their local municipality. In order to qualify, an organization must have charitable purposes that support individuals within Ontario. Eligibility is reviewed on a case by case basis and is subject to approval at the discretion of the municipal authority.


Once eligibility is obtained, organizations are scheduled to participate with their local cGaming Association. Individuals volunteer their time in a local cGaming Centre; a unique entertainment facility offering a mix of paper and electronic bingo, electronic lottery games, and food and beverage options. Volunteers participate in roles in this fun and energetic atmosphere that support our guests, and showcase the important work they do to support their communities.


cGaming participants receive fundraising dollars on a monthly basis based on how many time slots their volunteers attend. Organizations are permitted to utilize their funds for approved purposes which support programs and services that provide a direct benefit to Ontario residents. Each month, members report to their Municipality on the use of their proceeds.

Arts and Culture

Theatre, music, visual arts, and cultural heritage

Youth Sports

Programs for
children under 18

Religious Groups

Support for places of worship and religious activities

To learn how we’ve made a
difference in local communities,
read some of our impact stories.

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